Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chris Brown at the 2010 BET Awards

OK so I'm sure by now almost everyone knows about Chris Browns tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards last night. I'd have to say that he did an awesome job. At first I thought they chose Usher to do the tribute (so glad they didn't) but when I saw that it was Chris Brown I was so happy. He's been through so much since the Rihanna incident that he needed to make this come back. 

What makes me mad is that people think the whole crying bit while he was singing Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" was rehearsed. Come on now why is it that when stars show any real emotion it has to be rehearsed. Chris Brown idolized Michael just like a lot of other artists so his death was like losing someone in their own family. Maybe if people actually payed attention to him while he was singing it they would see that he was physically breaking down hell i almost cried. It was a beautiful performance and I wish Chris Brown all the best.

click here to see the full performance :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Funeral Leech

Ok so you know how there are movies with scenes in them that a person shows up to a family function that nobody seems to know. Ok well for the past week I was in Virginia with my family to attend my great grandmother's funeral and there was this guy there that nobody could figure out who he was. The kicker is that he always seemed to pop up at whoever's house we would be at and he never spoke to anyone but he would always videotape everything that was going on. Everyone found it weird but nobody wanted to be rude and ask who he was. The only thing we did happen to find out though was his name and that he lived in Brooklyn. Just in case you was wondering what he looked like
(yes i took a picture of him) he is the man in the black shirt and blue hat holding up the wall.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How School Influeces Me

School for me opens up a lot of doors. Even though at times I feel like I just want to give up because I've never really enjoyed school but I know It's needed in order to reach my goals.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So I just downloaded a Drake mixtape "One Take Drake" from datpiff.com and I have to say it's one of his best one's in my opinion. Who would have ever thought Aubrey Graham "Jimmy" from the show Degrassi could carry a rhyme. HAHA :) I guess everybody has to start somewhere though.

An as I listen to his music it makes me wonder what would my life be like if music didn't even exist? Good question but I don't want to know the answer. Being that I produce music as a side job I can't go a day without hearing a song or even writing down some type of lyric. But Drake is easily one of the hottest hip-hop artist out today. He speaks about his life in all his music and a lot of times people can relate to him.

Here's the entire mixtape

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Death of My Laptop

So my laptop has met it's maker
:( after i spilled water all over the keyboard. I tried everything to save it I even unscrewed the back to dry out the inside of it. The only thing its good for now is flashing a white screen whenever I press the power button. The only positive thing about it is that I was planing on getting a new one very soon but I didn't know I was going to accidently kill the old one in the process. R.I.P. to my beloved Acer. TIME TO GO LAPTOP SHOPPING :) maybe i'll get a macbook.